This workshop will focus on (English) language and Western behaviors to use when meeting others through work (e.g. customers, suppliers, colleagues) for the first time. The aim will be to give the necessary language and social skills to meet new people and network effectively, develop small-talk skills (uncommon in Chinese language), and give the opportunity for the attendees to practice using them at the workshop.
The workshop will move on from initial interactions and small talk, to making invitations for work / social engagements, to enable them to build and develop closer relationships. Again, there would be an emphasis on opportunity to personalize and practice though active workshop activities.
A basic outline of the event is as follows:
1. Icebreaker, followed by discussion leading to East vs West cultural differences and expectations.
2. Language skills for meeting people – making introductions (self and company)
3. Practice activity followed by discussion
4. Language skills for small talk
5. Practice activity followed by discussion
6. Language skills for making invitations
7. Summary and close


Sponsors and Partners


  • British Chamber of Commerce in Taipei
  • Shane English School / The Saxoncourt Group

Workshop Sponsor

  • Crown Worldwide Group