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Why should anyone be led by you

Overview To silence a room of executives ask them, "Why would anyone want to be led by you?"

This question produces a moment of humble reflection for anyone aspiring to lead others. Leadership is a relationship between leader and followers. Like all relationships, it is a somewhat fragile condition and needs to be carefully and constantly cultivated.

Yet too many leaders hone prescriptive behaviours outside the context of their followers, emulating celebrity CEOs and characters they admire. They try to be people they aren't, and as a result, they often fail. And if they fail, their organisation will too.

In this interactive session you will:

1.Uncover the importance of your relationship with your followers whose support, input, ideas,efforts or approval you need for successful outcomes

2.Look into the needs of your followers and gain insights on how to modify your leadership approach appropriately

3.Understand the trade-offs, decisions and inner search that accompanies a journey to be an authentic leader

4.Recognise what it takes to "be yourself – more – with skill" and inspire exceptional performance from your teams


  • Joshua Voon (Principal Director, Taiwan of Q3global)

    Joshua Voon

    Principal Director, Taiwan of Q3global

    Over 15 years of experience as a facilitator, consultant and leadership coach, applying pragmatic approaches to organisational and people transformation in order to raise potential and deliver profitable business results.

    Clients: Multi-nationals, NGOs, government departments and academic institutions including: Girls in Tech, LVMH, Manulife, ExxonMobil, Standard Chartered Bank and the Obama Foundation.

    MBA graduate from The University of Adelaide. In-depth knowledge and application of Cognitive Behavioural Sciences, Positive Psychology, Integral Theory and emotional intelligence. Integrates the value drivers of mindset, emotions, purpose and culture with strategic commercial goals. Certified in Facet5 and HBDI, and an internationally accredited Meta-Coach (ACMC). Fluent in Mandarin, English and Cantonese.

    Wellness: An ardent cyclist and martial artist.
    What clients say: “A well-rounded, professional facilitator with great leadership skills. Has a gift for seeing new opportunities and brings enthusiasm and positive energy to every initiative.”

    “Has an unrivalled ability to bring out the best in someone by simply making them think. The ability to facilitate powerful discussions is one of his hallmark traits.”

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